Fire and Air

We always find the right words to say at the wrong times.

It’s like, we’re meant to loose the battle, or we’re not meant to be superheroes to those in need.

Our chances are slowly dying, but how can we revive them?

Is it just me or do I make comebacks hours, maybe even DAYS after the verbal riots?

All that’s spitting out of my mouth is air. A bunch of what seems like nothingness.

Fire spits out at the wrong times.

You know, I just can’t help it. It’s like, the moment you step out of the door, I find the words to say, but it’s too late. The bullets that will pierce your armour, will never be shot because the time has gone.

And so are you.

It’s not like you’ll listen in the first place.

Like air, it goes in one ear and out the other.

I guess this is why I made this. It doesn’t matter if you walked away, or are next to me. My voices will be heard. The safer alternative to ranting. The online diary, per say. But not a diary. A virtual world.

I suppose putting my thoughts in writing makes it all more effective.

Welcome to my mind?

Fire and Air

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