Sometimes, don’t you wish you could run away and hide? Run away to a place where you will be safe and free. A place where you can get your peace of mind. Find an open door with shining light, and pick the path that will lead you there. Enter the door, and find yourself in an entirely new place.

Like Narnia, but yours.

The world of peace and freedom, where the moonlight glistens and the birds sing.

The most cliché of all clichés come to life, bringing you to a state of content.

And you spin around and music starts to play, as if it was waiting for your aw

I sometimes just want to run away, away from all the hate, madness, stress, confusion and terror in this world.

And once it starts getting better, it never does. The world just decides to shake everything up and flip it all upside down.

I just want everything to be right side up for once.

Is that too much to ask for?


Don’t you wish you can find your wonderland?


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