Sometimes We Wait

Sometimes, we can’t have everything. Often times, we sacrifice for the ones we love; even if that means losing what we have.

Even if that means pushing aside our love. 

Nothing can break the bond of love, but sacrifices can push it aside. Sacrifices portray an obstacle, that can or cannot be overcome. 

But why? Why can’t we have our miracles and make fantasies our reality? Is it too much to ask for to be in our dreams? Make it a part of life? Why do we ponder day and night, about all we love and hope for, just to be crushed into pieces of a broken heart. 

Anticipation. Anticipation is what keeps us waiting for the future to come. It’s what causes us to hope, love and dream about what will happen next. It’s what protects us from our broken hearts; instead, it allows us to create a shell, preventing us from putting our heart on our sleeves. 

Sometimes we wait. 

Sometimes We Wait

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