A Fresh Start

I’ve decided to quit the imaginative/trying to be hipster/abstract form of expressing my emotions (for now).

I’m sure you don’t know me, but I have another blog. (If you want to bore entertain yourself, click here) However, with the lack of creative juices in my bloodstream flowing to my brain, there isn’t very much recent activity on it. 

Problem is, it’s a music blog. Music = lyrics = poems = creativity. Sometimes I don’t have the time to write lyrics. Sometimes I can’t bust out my guitar (Tino is the name, by the way). Sometimes I can’t write a poem. Sometime, I just can’t do it. 

Which is why I’ve resorted to this. A place to be myself, say what I want to say, say when I want to say it, and vent my feelings when no one else wants to constantly listen to me rant.

I don’t shut up; maybe this will help save a few ears. 

A Fresh Start

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