Some People Just Don’t Like You

Dear Me, 

Some people just don’t like you. They can’t stand your boisterous ways, bursts of energy, snappy attitude, quirkiness and hefty ambitions. They want you to go hide and engulf yourself into the darkness of your shadow. I know you know that; don’t even bother trying to deny. Words circulated rapidly, and before you know it, you receive these messaged from this nonchalant voice. So please, just listen to me and follow my advice. I can’t make them start liking you, but maybe you’ll learn to beat yourself down for it. 

So you know what? You’ve got to accept that. Who gives a rats arse about what others say? They’re no more than just a speck of dust in your way. You’re incredible and remember that. There’s no doubt that others agree with you too. Besides, there are probably a lot of people who don’t like them too, but they don’t have someone like me to cheer them up now do they? You have a lot of amazing friends and family who care about you and they’re the only people who you should care about.

I know I’m not good at this whole advice thing; just ask my friends, but I hope I have at least made you feel a lot better about yourself. 


Some people just don’t like you. 

And I don’t like some people. 


Some People Just Don’t Like You

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