I just feel like I’ve lost motivation to do anything with my life. I don’t want to pursue my wildest ambitions because of my irrational fear of not exceeding a certain expectation I have of myself. I’m threatened when I feel incapable of doing what seems like the simplest of tasks.

And this feel absolutely sucks. 

It’s that feeling where everyone around you is at that stage where they’re progressing with life, figuring out who they are, where they want to be and how to get there. They’re sure of themselves; and they have qualities that make the unique. Just give them a few years and they’ll be the next curers of cancer. ( & I truly hope that will happen). 

And then there’s me. Unsure, scared and alone. If they say it’s common in adolescents, why do I feel alone? Why does every little thing bring me down? I’m in a whirlpool that I can’t get out; slowly drowning myself into my anxiety. Is it normal to feel this way, because chances are, I don’t know anyone who can’t sleep at night without lying down with a mind full of thoughts ready to explode out of my head as tears. 

And there’s nothing I can do about it. 


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