On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Please, if you haven’t, watch Mean Girls. I promise you it’s worth it.

Other than the infamous Mean Girls quote, the significance is hidden behind a much more serious message: bullying.

People often fail to realize that bullying leads to grave effects; victims just don’t “get over it.” Even one simple tormenting phrase can linger in their minds for years, murdering the self esteem of many, ultimately pulling them into a spiral of insanity.

Well, it never ALWAYS happens like that, but never assume that it doesn’t.

Yes, as horrific and disturbing the thought of terrorizing others is, what bothers me the most is the aftermath. Those minutes of being kicked, punched, spat, yelled, and teased can go away, but the thought of them remains. Nightmares every night to panic attacks, it could happen. Mental illnesses can result from the constant torments- depression, anxiety, you name it. And once you’re in that trap, it’s very difficult to get out.

Bullying isn’t something people can forget; take into consideration what you say or do because you never know how you’ll affect someone.

So thanks to everyone who wore pink to show your support for Anti Bullying Day, and if you didn’t, remember next year!

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

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