Losing Sleep Day

Daylight savings? Please, I’m more concerned about my sleep.

It was about 12:45 last night when it suddenly hit me, “It’s daylight savings time tonight.” Without thinking, I jumped for joy thinking we’re going to gain an hour of sleep.

Until it hit me: We’re moving the hour FORWARDS not BACKWARDS. 

My leaps of joy suddenly turned into me moping around on my bed. Instead of it being 12:45, it was supposed to be 1:45. I mean, it’s not a rarity to stay up later than 2 AM, however, I have a long day today (yes, I’m procrastinating by blogging) and I can’t afford to waste time (I’m totally not wasting time right now) so that lost hour kinda ruined it for me. 

And it’s bad enough I don’t get much sleep on weekdays; weekends are my only hope. 

I could’ve stopped what I was doing, although I didn’t want to (what’s better than having deep conversations with your close friends?) and hit the hay, however there was one problem:

I. Wasn’t. Sleepy. 



Long story short: I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I ended up falling asleep and waking up before noon. 

I think I deserve an award. yay. 

Losing Sleep Day

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