hospital adventures

I don’t like hospitals,
I don’t like IVs,
They’re really painful,
I mean, there’s a needle inside of me?!

There’s usually a wait,
And that’s no fun.
I’m in so much pain,
Why haven’t you begun?

They call me inside,
And ask about the pain.
It’s a game of 20 questions
“It’s like I’m being jabbed by a crane”

The periwinkle hospital gown
Is waiting for you.
“Do I have to wear this?”
One word: ew.

Covered in stickers
And wires galore,
Blood pressure, ECG, pulse,
It’s making my body sore!

Doctors and nurses,
They’re all pretty nice.
Except they poke holes in you
Not once, not twice, but thrice.

In the end of it all,
You realize they’re doing right.
The pain’s all gone,
The world looks bright.

But hospitals aren’t fun,
They’re not for me.
Not as a patient, nor visitor,
I’d leave in a heartbeat.

So hospital and staff,
Thanks for fixing me up.
I feel a little better now,
For one day, I’ve had enough.

hospital adventures

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