misunderstood expectations

I gave you a shot,
But you let it go.
I misunderstood,
I didn’t know.
I really cared,
I should’ve known.
Was this all an act?
What a great show.

But is this it?
This is chance two.
I don’t know what to say
I’m lost and confused.
I’m not mad at what you did,
But at what you didn’t do.
There are words left unsaid,
Will I get an explanation from you?

Everything you said,
Was it all a lie?
I’m trying to believe you,
They key word is try.
Maybe I jumped too far,
Jumped to high in the sky,
I honestly didn’t expect it;
I just want to know why.

Should I apologize,
For what I feel?
Everyone says no,
Eventually things will heal.
You led me to believe,
That this was all real.
It doesn’t add up,
My heart’s not made of steel.

Maybe I’m overthinking,
It’s what I do best.
I should hear you out,
Hear the rest.
I know I can’t stay like this,
Can’t stay distressed.
But it happened in a fit of rage;
I didn’t expect.

misunderstood expectations

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