Another poem about you

Here’s another sad poem about you.
Thanks for being my inspiration.
But I’d rather go a day without going through this,
Then write some more.

Last night I realized I needed you;
I was all alone.
You’re the only one who knew of my troubles,
And now you’re here no more.

And I guess I could’ve sent you a text,
But what use could that have been?
It wouldn’t be the same anymore,
Nothing is how it used to be.

I can’t look at you anymore,
Without a thousand thoughts racing my mind.
Before, I’d see you and I’d blush,
But now each time I just want to cry.

We both have something to be sorry for.
You, for messing it all.
Me, for not giving you a glance.
Hopefully, this will soon resolve.

So if you’re reading this –and you might–
Prove to me you care.
I’m sick of being confused all the time.
Our bond is crumbling and I’m scared.

Another poem about you

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