11 resolutions because I like 11

1. Workout more. Build up my stamina and try new activities (i.e. yoga and/or pilates)

2. Eat healthier. (Is Chipotle considered healthy? ;)) Drink more water and don’t do late night snacking.

3. Appreciate the smaller things in life more often. Small gestures, words, phrases, actions, sights, sounds, smells and tastes.

4. Stress less!!!¡¡!!!¡

5. Continue to do well in school. Study harder, don’t get distracted,  and focus more.

6. Read more. There are a ton of great books just waiting to be read.

7. Smile more 🙂

8. Sing and play guitar more. Write more songs. Get back into the music making

9. Express my feelings more. Don’t be scared to bottle them up, especially to those who genuinely care.

10. Get a job.

11. Continue to find those who truly care. Find the real friends. Find my one 


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