I knew what was at risk. We knew what was at risk. I put everything on the line because fear of being haunted by regret and desperation. This was something we both desperately longed for months on end but didn’t know how to go through with it. And once the right moments arose, everything seemed beautiful. I couldn’t believe it was real. I wasn’t in a fantasy; nothing was perfect, but having you was perfect to me. I wore my heart on my sleeve and hoped you would feel the rapid beating of my heart that only you can pacify. Kiss me and make me feel all the butterflies fluttering in my stomach and don’t ever let me forget how magical our moments were– how my mind would blank out when I saw your face inch towards mine, how you’d play with my hands and let our fingers intertwine so naturally, how you’d whisper in my ear to put chills down my spine. 

And this risk I took, it’s like jumping off a cliff. I’m falling and falling, hoping to fall straight into your arms; right where I feel like I belong. 

But it seems like you either just forgot or chose not to catch me. 

I hope you just forgot. 


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