When I first see that heavenly slice of cake, I immediately feel an instant attraction. I dive in and take my first bite- mmmm so delicious; I feel like I can eat the whole piece. So light and airy I feel like I’m on top of the world. Every bite was complimented with a smile. I am in love with the way the sweet and bitter tastes make me feel; it’s a feeling unlike any other. 

I keep indulging and my satisfaction level lessens the more bites I take of the coffee flavored, creamy deliciousness. But the more I eat, the quicker I start to feel full. The feeling in my stomach starts to feel heavy, making me wonder if I’ve made a mistake. I tell myself that this feeling will pass and everything will be okay again. However, this one piece of cake makes me feel like I gained 10 pounds in a sitting, overwhelming me. I slow down and ultimately can’t finish it anymore. I tried to battle through, bite by bite, but with every bite I felt weighed down. The light, airy comfort wasn’t there anymore. What seemed so perfect doesn’t seem perfect anymore. It’s not the same as the first bite. It’s not as exciting anymore. And I hate to admit, but it hurts me to say that. 

The tiramisu cake attracted me right away, but maybe it wasn’t the best choice for me. Perfect for a moment, but not for long. Small indulgences but no lifelong commitment. 

Bitter and sweet. Bittersweet. 

He’s like the tiramisu cake in my life.


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