exploding kittens

All it takes are little distractions to get your mind off of distress. And I can honestly say that I’ve been truly blessed with some of the most craziest, hilarious, fun-spirited and supportive friends.

Today was the last time I got together with my group of close friends. Usually I’d hang out with them individually or in groups of 2-3, but this time it was the whole gang (at least those who are already here and aren’t going to be leaving). It was bittersweet, since, who knows when I’ll see them all next (possibly winter break???). All those moments of playing Cards Against Humanity, or Exploding Kittens will simply be memories and all those times we’ll roll on the floor laughing hysterically in the middle of a card or board game will just be replayed over and over in my head, waiting to happen in real life again.

It’s a little more bitter than it is sweet.

But what these friends have taught me, throughout the 5+ years that I’ve known them, is that every moment is a happy one if you make the most out of it. Everything can be enjoyed, if you are willing to make it enjoyable. There’s never a dull moment with them, and that’s all because we always make the most out of everything. We never fail to literally roll on the floor laughing (rofl) when someone picks up the exploding kitten card, or when someone brings out a tub of icing to dip cookies and cinnamon rolls in, or when someone wishes me a “great transition.”

It’s not that we have a weird sense of humor; we just sometimes have moments where everything– I mean EVERYTHING– just seems to amuse us.

Now, I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, but my point is that I’m so grateful to have these friends in my life and it does hurt me to think that in a few days/weeks from now, I’ll have new friends who– although will never replace the old ones– will fill up the void that surrounds me as I’m adjusting into my new life and meeting new people.

P.S. still very salty that I never won a game of exploding kittens

exploding kittens

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