It’s been a while and a lot has happened.

  1. Left home, family, & friends.
  2. Move into a dorm. In a new city. In a new country (the motherland, of course).
  3. Met a TON of people

It doesn’t seem like much, but oh boy, this past week has been a wild ride.

They say you can literally create for yourself a new identity and go to college and they were damn right about that. I’m in a city hours away from home, the only person from my high school here and I don’t know ANYONE. It’s all fresh and new for me. No one knows who I was before and I’m not too sure if they will end up finding out.

Meanwhile, my friends back home all sit in the same row during their lectures.

Although I miss my family and friends, and I wish I could have a familiar face around here, this new start is refreshing. I feel comfortable and that’s all that matters. Slightly (maybe a little more than that) apprehensive about how academics are going to be like, but hey, I survived the first week!

So far so good. Roomie’s cool (we’re complete weirdos together it’s actually amazing), classes so far are pretty relaxed and straightforward, homework load isn’t too bad (although I can’t seem to immerse myself into this one reading we have to do… I’ll probably be saying that a lot), and I’m making friends and meeting new people is a lot of fun!

Not sure if some of the guys are being nice, though, or if they’re being “too friendly” (wink wink)… I’ll get back to you on that some other time.


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