Sad Songs, Inspiration Box

The other day my roommate was playing a sad song playlist on spotify and after singing along to numerous tracks by Adele, Sam Smith, Mumford and Sons and maybe even a couple of Miley Cyrus songs here and there, a sudden wave of emotions started to hit me. I mean, it is expected. I’m listening to freaking Adele and Sam Smith– who doesn’t cry when they listen to their soothing voices that chant out beautifully constructed, yet heartbreaking lyrics?

I mean the moment Adele first says “Hello” I want to start sobbing like a baby.

There are sad songs that just make you sad because you hear the emotions and the lyrics are so gut-wrenchingly beautiful, and there are sad songs that make you sad because you can feel your emotions and the artist has written and sung every lyric out of your own mouth. And this sadness, even you’re like me, who claims to be an “emotionless” brick wall that can’t be torn down by a bunch of measly feelings will hit you so hard you’ll feel like you’ve been knocked down by a brick yourself.

Putting Adele, Sam Smith, and even Miley Cyrus aside, one song really pushed me off the edge. Let It Go- James Bay. (Sorry to disappoint all you Frozen enthusiasts.) If you haven’t listened to it, LISTEN because it’s such an amazing song and regardless of where you are at at your life, how old you are, what your relationship status is, this song will give you all the feels you need to fill a bucket in tears. The last time I listened to it was while walking down my campus quad on my way home from the library and because I had listened to it so much, I started to feel numb about it. Sad, yes, but no more tears. In fact, I enjoyed this melancholy feeling because it made me feel like the sadness I have associated with this song is genuine. However, the other day I listened to this song after not hearing it for a few solid weeks.

This is how the full 4 minutes and 22 seconds went down:

0:20 “From walking home and talking loads…”
Aww this is the song! I love this song!

0:57 “So come on and let it go…”
Feelings are real. Oh my god.

2:03 “I used to recognize myself…”
Deep breaths, Mani. Deeeeeeep breaths. Bury yourself in your econ homework. Distraction. DISTRACTION!

2:56 “Trying to fit your hand inside of mine when we know it just don’t belong…”
Nope. Nope. I’m done. James Bay, you broke me.

I couldn’t even last three minutes of the song.

I’m not sure whether I still feel emotionally connected to the song because I still relate to it so much or maybe it became one of those sad songs that I feel obligated to cry to. Maybe it’s hormones (that’s quite a possibility, actually) or maybe I’m not as cold-hearted and emotionless as I tell people I am. But whatever it is, I always learn from such experiences that music really gets you through tough times, regardless of the genre. In fact, I listen to sad songs to get myself to feel better.

It has also made me realize that these songs weren’t just created out of the blue. They were crafted by experience and pain. That pain, sadness, loneliness, and experience was just put into a box ready to be created into a song to help people like me get through those tough times.

So now it’s my turn to place my sadness into my inspiration box.


P.S. Once finals season is over, I’m gonna whip Tino out and we gon’ jam so hard, peanut butter will be envious.

P.P.S. Sorry I think I’m funny.

Sad Songs, Inspiration Box

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