I can’t shut up

Day two of losing my voice and I absolutely hate it.

Hey internet, It’s been a while and before I explain how I lost my voice, let’s recap what has happened in the last two months.

  1. Fall quarter finals
  2. Winter break (!!!)
  3. Start of winter quarter
  4. Midterms

And now today, the weekend after midterms week. I’m sure you can tell my life has been very interesting in the last two months. Jokes, a lot has happened which is why I was too busy to blog about it. But hey, I’m back!

And back to my voice (or lack of).

Because last week was midterms week, and I was cursed with a cold during that time, I decided to focus on everything but myself (I mean, GPA is forever right?). Until the other day, when I thought I was fine, I started battling a really bad sore throat. That’s a sign that I shouldn’t talk, right? I clearly didn’t get the memo because I still kept babbling away until yesterday morning I actually LOST my voice. ZERO VOICE.

Doctor told me I have laryngitis.

“WHAT?!?” -Me and pretty much everyone else when I tell them I have laryngitis

I’m actually starting to recover, however. Like today, when instead of waking up with no voice at all, I woke up sounding like a dying goat. Do I know what a dying goat sounds like? No, but if I had to guess, it would be how I sound like right now.

That or my voice cracks sound like those of a young boy going through puberty (x100).

This experience has got me thinking however, I really have taken my voice for granted. Especially as someone who relies on speaking as her primary form of communication. I went to a work meeting today and I realized that verbal communication is one of my main forms of conveying information. And even though I participated and was heard in this meeting and my co-workers understood my situation, I have never felt so vulnerable and unheard.

Similarly, I SING. How am I supposed to do that if I can’t even SPEAK?!?!

I think one of the most frustrating things about this experience was that I couldn’t pursue one of the things I enjoy simply because I was physically incapable of doing so. I’m listening to music as I’m writing this, and all I want to do is sing along to the songs. After all, with my busy schedule, rarely do I ever get the chance to jam out to my guitar or have the time alone in my room so I can sing without fear of embarrassment.


Hey voicebox, get better soon. I want my voice back and fully-functioning asap.

I can’t shut up

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